Architectural Review Board

ARB Committee Members:
Greg Cantrell
Rachel Potter
Mary Stinson
Kimberly Schumacher
Kim Brannon

T H E  G OV E R N O R S  C L U B 
Architectural Review Board
​Design, Construction and Modification Requirements
The Architectural Review Board (hereinafter termed the ARB) was established in 1994 on behalf of all homeowners.   The ARB approves and advises homeowners on all aspects of exterior design additions/changes within Governors Club to ensure long term protection of property values via an independent panel of architects, landscape architects, professional engineers and building experts.  Building, renovating, and adding new enhancements to the home’s exterior often breathe new life into a home and add significant value however it can also negatively impact the neighborhood when the beauty of the design is only seen in the eye of the beholder.  For this reason, the added layer of protection by the ARB serves to bridge this gap.  The ARB strives to have a pleasant experience with each and every homeowner so everyone can enhance their property the way they like while requiring the least amount of changes to fit in with style and aesthetics of the surrounding structures.
The ARB was purposely created as an external independent body.  This ensures that the person or people reviewing your design have no other vested interest in the design other than to ensure it meets guidelines and aesthetics.  The ARB process ensures that, no matter who your neighbor is, you will not be entitled to a review process that is easier or harder than anyone else.  

ARB Guidelines
ARB Request Form
Approved Builders